Living The Gimmick: A Pro Wrestling Podcast

Living The Gimmick: Episode 238 (Jon, Josh, and Doug Talk WWE Sale, Money in the Bank, Roman Reigns, Cody a Heel in AEW, and More)

May 5, 2020

On this edition of Living the Gimmick, Jon Alba, Josh Isenberg, and Doug McDonald delve into whether or not WWE is actually up for sale, before making "Money in the Bank" predictions.

Plus, is Cody now a heel in AEW? And why won't WWE recognize Roman Reigns? 

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Time Stamps:
0:00-3:58: Welcome
3:59-1:06:19: WWE TV/NXT/Money in the Bank
1:06:20-1:17:22: AEW Talk
1:17:23-1:22:55: Golf Clap of the Week
1:22:56-1:28:00: Waste of the Week
1:28:01-1:36:16: Rumor Control
1:36:17-1:47:19: #LTGMailCall
1:47:20-End: #Top5