Living The Gimmick: A Pro Wrestling Podcast

Living The Gimmick: Episode 232 (Jon, Josh, and Doug Discuss Talk a Two-Day WrestleMania for WWE, AEW Debuts, Worst Gimmick Matches of All-Time, and More)

March 24, 2020

On this edition of Living the Gimmick, Jon Alba, Doug McDonald, and Josh Isenberg take a look at the show that's TOO big for one night, WrestleMania! Why it's a good (or bad) idea, talk on AEW's big debuts, plus, the wort gimmick matches of all-time!



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Time Stamps:
0:00-7:24: Welcome
7:25-38:00: WrestleMania a Two-Night Event
38:01-43:50: NXT Talk
43:51-55:45: AEW Talk
55:46-59:52: Golf Clap of the Week
59:53-1:05:18: Waste of the Week
1:05:19-1:08:42: Rumor Control
1:08:43-1:18:59: #LTGMailCall
1:19:00-End: #Top5


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