Living The Gimmick: A Pro Wrestling Podcast

Living The Gimmick: Episode 217 (Jon and Doug Preview WWE TLC, the LTG Year-End Awards, the Wrestle Kingdom Cards, and More)

December 10, 2019

On this edition of Living the Gimmick, Jon Alba and Doug McDonald preview WWE TLC, the categories for the 2019 LTG Year-End Awards, what's on deck for Wrestle Kingdom, and more! 


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Time Stamps:
0:00-7:34: Welcome
7:35-21:36: Wednesday Night War/AEW Talk
21:37-55:33: NXT/WWE Talk: Releases, TLC, etc.
55:34-1:03:22: Through The Eyes of Isenberg
1:03:23-1:10:56: NJPW Talk: Wrestle Kingdom Cards Announced
1:10:57-1:14:39: Golf Clap of the Week
1:14:40-1:17:40: Waste of the Week
1:17:41-1:20:20: Rumor Control
1:20:20-1:31:24: #LTGMailCall
1:31:25-1:44:43: #Top5



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