Living The Gimmick: A Pro Wrestling Podcast

Living The Gimmick: Episode 213 (Jon and Alex Del Barrio Discuss WWE in Saudi Arabia, NXT’s Presence, NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom, AEW Full Gear, and More)

November 5, 2019

On this edition of Living the Gimmick, Jon Alba and guest co-host, former NXT announcer Alex Del Barrio, recap the crazy week that was WWE's experience in Saudi Arabia, NXT's presence in WWE, talk New Japan's big January show, go Beyond The Gimmick, and Josh Isenberg weighs in on WWE's brand wars!

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Time Stamps:
0:00-3:30: Welcome
3:31-39:00: WWE and NXT Talk/Crown Jewel Review
39:01-46:15: Through the Eyes of Isenberg
46:16-52:45: NJPW Talk
52:46-58:35: AEW Talk
58:36-1:01:28: Golf Clap of the Week
1:01:29-1:04:07: Waste of the Week
1:04:08-1:34:10: Beyond The Gimmick
1:34:11-1:51:00: #LTGMailCall
1:51:01-End: #Top5